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Thursday, April 10, 2014


Thu, 2014 Apr 10 9:27 AM BST
Led by Barry. Pleasant walk, gently undulating, a few muddy patches. Just under 9 miles. Fine weather, sunny even.

From Billesdon village we take a footpath between two hedges, which leads us into a field, and then down towards the A47.
Looking back from near the A47
The road is very quiet this morning and easy to cross.
We can see the distinctive shape of Billesdon Coplow ahead of us.
We walk through the cottages, braving the noisy dogs, and along the drive past the big house, then at the Tilton Road turn left. We take a footpath to the right and keep on in a south westerly direction until we reach the A47 once more. We cross it, and turn right.  We walk along the path until we reach the turning to Houghton on the Hill. Here we turn left and into the village of Houghton.

 A sunny sheltered bench in the churchyard, right on our route, proves irresistible. Time for a break. The path heads south east towards Gaulby.  We see glimpses of its tower and pinnacles from time to time. There are a fair number of butterflies out today - mainly peacocks.
 Luckily there is also a new footbridge over the river here.
If we look back from the path near Gaulby we can see Leicestershire's "mountains" on the horizon.

 In Gaulby we take the Illston Road for a good half mile, before taking a footpath to our left, which leads over fields, then uphill through woods behind Ashlands.
 The path crosses several fields, always waymarked. It almost meets the road, but here we turn left, more or less north east, to head back to Billesdon.
 Billesdon Old School has four sundials, one on each side.
 In front of the church spring is in full bloom.
 We walk apst the market place - surprising for what is really only an overgrown village.

Unfortunately the village shop is closed for lunch, so we go back to the car chocolateless. An excellent walk, touching some known territory and some new.


Roy Norris said...

It was pleasant weather Alison.
Barnack stone. Now there is a place to visit if you want to see butterflies, (Mid June through July)
The brown ironstone in the Gaulby church walls make it look a very nice building.

aliqot said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll bear it in mind.