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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gaddesby-Frisby-Hoby-Rearsby- Gaddesby along "by"ways?

Thu, 2013 May 2 9:36 AM Western European Time 
Led by Barry, with Eddie, Maureen and me. Glorious weather, lovely views, not too strenuous. 494 ft of ascent. 11 miles.

Most of the walk follows the Leicestershire Round anticlockwise - the path runs just to the east of the village. It crosses a minor road - we turn right and then left just after the drive to a house in the trees.
Then it's over fields, undulating gently,  towards the ever more obvious A607 cutting through the area.  It has to be crossed, and on the opposite side is a waymarker, and the stump of an old cross. 
On the map it says "stump cross - remains of".

We follow the clear path downhill into Frisby on the Wreake with its church spire and attractive buildings.
Eccentric roofing - under repair?
Frisby on the Wreake - market cross
We take the path behind some houses - still waymarked and head almost southwest roughly parallel to the railway line, for about a mile. We cross Hoby Road and take the right hand fork of the two paths - this takes us to the railway line. We "stop,  look and listen" as instructed before crossing.  The footpath takes us over the mighty Wreake and into Hoby.

We have a look at the church - cue for garmin trace madness - and see another stump cross. 
Stump cross in Hoby churchyard

We walk through the village on the road towards Brooksby, past some interesting buildings.

 On the road  out we  have a break at a bench with a fine view.  We're tempted to linger, but must walk on.   We leave the road taking a footpath on the right which leads us slightly downhill. We cross another small road , and make our way, still on the Leics Round, to the disused Thrussington mill. 
The watermill wheel's position is clear
All that water power which we once made good use of, now idle?
From here it's a short distance southwest to Rearsby,  famous for the Rearsby Loaf, which isn't made there now, but at Ratby.
We pass the walls of the convent and then walk along a narrow path round the church and downhill to the ford and pack horse bridge.

We wonder about stopping for a drink, but the Wheel is closed and the Horse and Groom too far off our track. So, onwards. 
Now we leave the Leicestershire Round and head back eastwards towards Gaddesby again.  The path climbs gently along a ridge with good views all round - and we pass a derelict building which was once used as a "stock farm" - the tenant held it rent-free for a certain fixed period, paying by taking care of livestock. Barry met the grandson of the former tenant on a previous walk. (if I've got this wrong, let me know)
It's not too long before we reach Gaddesby, and a brief stop in the Cheney Arms.  

Then a wander back to the car and home.
Map and details

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