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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Marston Trussell and Sibbertoft again

Monday 09 December, with Maureen and Eddie. 8 1/2 miles.

Exactly the same route as last Thursday, but no detour to the ROC observation post this time.
"The Lake" in Marston Trussell
Instead when we decided to shelter in Sibbertoft  church porch for our break, out of the biting wind, we were able to look inside, and talk to one of the local church "admin".
That's why the walk comes out longer in theory this time. Churches and old buildings with thick walls seem to affect GPS signals.

Between Clipston and Sibbertoft

Village sign

Bird carvings in the church

The thicker lines are when we were in the church.

A couple more observations about Sibbertoft - the river Welland has its source here, apparently under a patch of grass; and a Wellington bomber crashed nearby on 24th December 1941, killing all members of the Polish crew.


Ida Jones said...

A poignant past Christmas still remembered - and the church still a refuge!

aliqot said...

I'm not religious but I do love churches with their history and also their function as a community focal point.