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Friday, December 6, 2019

Marston Trussell- Sibbertoft circular, on minor roads.

Thursday 05 December, with Maureen. Just over 8 miles. It's almost the walk we did in March 2014, after a spell of wet weather, but today we didn't do the extra mile to include Clipston.

The walking was easy, and the frost had melted, though there were some muddy patches on these quiet roads. The whole area is where the very bloody battle of Naseby took place on 14 June 1645.

Marston Trussell church, the start and end of our walk.
We walked into the village and turned left at the junction, past the fishing lake.
 We followed the road round to the right past Marston Lodge, and continued, ignoring the small road to Sibbertoft. The road climbs steadily, but not steeply up to the ROC Viewpoint, just off the road to our right.

An information board gives details of the battle off Naseby. I'm convinced soldiers must have to be drunk in order to fight, and that this is one reason why they behaved so badly to the local people, especially the women.

At the T-junction we turned right, away from Clipston and towards Sibbertoft. We arrived at the church as eleven o'clock was striking. This has been a pleasant place for a break on several walks in the past - in spring the snowdrops are lovely, but of course, not in early December.

An unusual flower trough by the village sign.
We carried on past the church, ignoring a road to our right with the signpost to Marston Trussell.  Instead we headed downhill, with Hothorpe Hall in view. There is a small road off to our right, and we took this to reach Marston again.
it leads past the magnificent trees in the grounds of Marston Trussell Hall,

and back into the village.

Lunch at Farndon Fields farm shop cafe.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That's a fascinating trail!

aliqot said...

The whole area is full of sites linked to the battle of Naseby, and the scenery isn't bad in a quiet way. I'm walking there again soon with a couple of others. Avoiding the mud...

Ida Jones said...

This looks a faacinating walk linked as it is to the history of the area.

aliqot said...

It's a good one, though road walking isn't ideal!