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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Boxing Day walk in Wellow

Thursday 26 December 2019.  With Harry - 7 miles along wet roads. 

This was the first really soggy day since  we came down. As Esther and family were visiting the other grandparents today, we decided on a walk to the church of St Margaret of Antioch, East Wellow, along roads. Any footpaths were certain to be very wet underfoot.

We knew about St Margaret's Church from a conversation with the husband of the minister of West Wellow Methodist church on Christmas morning.

We set off along Maury's Lane and past the Methodist church, then along Romsey Road, past Foxes Lane.  In normal weather this would have been a short cut. We continued past Carlo's Tearoom - closed of course, then turned left along Whinwhistle Road. 
The road crosses the swollen Blackwater river, then becomes Woodlington Road. 
At Hackleys Lane we turned left and followed the road for around a mile as it turned sharply right, and passed Wellow Manor, before St Margaret's church was signposted to the left along an even smaller lane. A cul de sac with a house the church and the Church Rooms.

It was easy to find Florence Nightingale's grave.

It was still raining, so we took shelter in the church porch. 
I tried the door and was delighted to find it open, and warm inside. The church dates from the 13th century and has a very old porch, and some medieval wall paintings, as well as a memorial window to Florence Nightingale.
The sky in the photo is deceptive - though it did stay dry from this point on.

We returned to Hackleys Lane, which was now called Broad Woods Lane. We followed it, didn't turn left at the road closed sign.
 This would have taken us back to Foxes Lane. Instead we  turned right and followed Dandy's Ford Lane as far as Wellow Drove.

We turned left along Wellow Drove and at the T junction left again along Scallows Lane, past Sunrise farm, and a load of huts and poly tunnel frames.  

The road crossed the Blackwater river again at Tutts Bridge, then we headed along Tutts Lane back to the Methodist Church. slab Lane and return via Brookfields...just as the rain started again.

The mile counting app had stopped, so I restarted it part way through the walk.

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