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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Exton to Greetham via Fort Henry

Friday 26 January 2018, with Marta. A dry grey day, which turned sunny around midday. 7 miles. The same route as I took shortly before Christmas. Muddy near Fort Henry, and also near the chicken farm.

Coffee at Greetham Golf Club, lunch at the Plough Inn in Greetham.

We saw a buzzard perched on a telegraph pole on the way, and during the walk lots of bluetits and goldfinches at the feeders, and later a kestrel and a red kite.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

EVeryone seems to have so much more to see in their locality

Ida Jones said...

Water-logged fields seem to be the "norm" this winter!

aliqot said...

Hello, Simon! Don't forget, we often drive some distance before we walk, which gives us a greater variety!

aliqot said...

Ida - so true. I think it was similar four years ago, and cramps our style (stile) a little!