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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Catch-up again!

Over the Christmas and New Year period we were out a few times. No 'serious' walks, but pleasant interludes.

Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey with Esther and family.

Following the trail

Sweet scented witch hazel

A walk in the New Forest on a frosty morning.

Corby Cube at sunset

Burrough Hill on New Year's Day.

Rutland Water looking moody.

Sunny Hunny, where we saw turnstones and oyster-catchers.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Well that looks a busy old time of it!

Ida Jones said...

A lovely collection of happy times!

aliqot said...

Thanks, Simon - these took place over a couple of weeks!

aliqot said...

I haven't been striding out quite so far recently - a cold, then holidays and the weather! But we have enjoyed ourselves out of doors all the same.
I still have one walk to write up, and one planned for Monday, weather permitting.