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Monday, September 11, 2017

San Fran meanders 2 - Land's End

Friday 04 August 2017.  With Harry, we discovered another part of the City. We took a couple of bus rides out to Land's End, and had a picnic lunch from the Visitor Centre Cafe before walking some way along the Coastal Trail. It was not warm!

Part of the development by Adolph Sutro, from the 1880s. This included Cliff House, the gardens at Sutro Heights and seven swimming pools at Sutro Baths. It did not look enticing!
The fog is creeping in over the sea. 
Not so Golden.

The flowers added some colour to the day.

 The Labyrinth

We made our way back to a bus stop not far from Lincoln Park. 


Ida Jones said...

The chill greyness comes across clearly and the flowers must have been a welcome splash of colour. Lovely photos and more good memories.

aliqot said...

I love discovering places - new to me, anyway. The flowers were great!