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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Back in the UK - Gretton to Bulwick

uMonday 11 September 2017,  a day of sunshine and showers. Very close to 10 miles in total, including the walk from the village hall home for each of us!

I walked with Norma, starting at 9.45.  We set off from Gretton Village Hall, and followed the Jurassic Way as far as Harringworth Lodge and the lake. At the end of the lake, we turned right just after a hedge, instead of left towards the Lodge.   We crossed two fields then the minor road between Deene and Spanhoe.  The path continues in a straight line along the edge of four fields with the hedge on our left. Today they were clearing a crop and ploughing, so it's as well the path is along a grassy track. 
It heads towards a small wood, called Bantrup Bushes, where we turned right and followed the edge of the wood. Shortly after the end of the wood, the path turns left, and we keep a hedge on our right, eventually turning right to join a surfaced track. The track leads to Red Lodge Road where we turn left and cross the A43 by a bridge.

We walked into Bulwick and stopped at the Pickled Village for coffee served with a digestive biscuit.
The patio area is lovely at this time of year with baskets of begonias and walls covered with passion flower and fruits.
We had scones with us, and intended to sit outside the church to eat them in the sunshine, but this was the moment the heavens opened, so we sought sanctuary in the church porch.
Prunus sargentii - and Norma - in autumn garb

We returned by the route we walked for the outward leg, since the alternative risked being very boggy with the threatened rain!
The rain did more than threaten, and we got soaked twice, but blown dry quickly. 

We saw green woodpeckers on the edge of the woodland. (10 miles in all)


Ida Jones said...

Wonderful splashes of colour! Must have lifted your spirits after being dampened!!

aliqot said...

The upside of autumn! Now, if we can just have a little more sun . . .