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Friday, July 7, 2017

East Haddon and Holdenby

This was a recce walk, and there is part in the middle which didn't quite go to plan.
With Maureen, on a hot day. Around eight and a half miles in all. Butterflies and damselflies in evidence along the way.
Village pump

Men at work

We began the walk from Main St in East Haddon, and walked along the footpath to Mill Street, just opposite the Red Lion, heading south, then turning east alongside the cricket field, and then for half a mile or so following field boundaries.
Then the path turns right, south,  at the end of a field, and right again,west, making three sides of a rectangle, before heading south once more, then slightly to the west, uphill. A right angle turn to the left takes you south west and goes gently down to join a surfaced track with Macmillan Way signposts, to Althorp and Holdenby. We take the left turn to Holdenby.  

On our left is a small hill, topped with a tree.
We joined the Macmillan Way and turned left at a junction of paths, and climb quite steeply north east towards Holdenby. There are views of the church among the trees on the left. Almost at the top of the slope we turned left along the small road to the church, noting bear hunt posters along the way.

There are some interesting monuments in the church, including this memorial stone on the floor.

Even more interesting for us at this point was a bench with a lovely view.
We've walked just over three miles in some pretty serious heat.
When we decide to set off again we hear children chattering - it's a local primary school hunting for the treasure before having a teddy bears' picnic.

We call in at the old school house to see what's going on.
We walk along the road to the junction with the East Haddon-Chapel Brampton road, and cross over to the footpath, and meet the first stile of the day. Following the path north through several fields we emerge at North Lodge Cottages, and turn sharply left,or west, towards Holdenby North Lodge. The path runs to the south of the farm buildings and through a paddock with a couple of horses. The hedge is on our left as we climb up to a bridleway, where we turn right and follow the hedges north then north west.
At this point we missed a turning or two and managed to end up slightly off track, but we found the route we intended to take back to East Haddon from the Ravensthorpe-Teeton Road. As we stopped for an essential drink of water, we noticed these fruits across the road.
They appear to have one stone, but neither of us were sure what they were.  We headed back along the path which goes south as far as Rye Hill farm and cottages, uses the surfaced track for a hundred meters or so, then goes off the right. We pass the sewage works, on our left, resist the temptation to cross the footbridge over the stream, and walk towards the village. When we reach the corner of the field we turn left and the path is a few yards ahead, between the houses. It reaches East Haddon at Holdenby Road, slightly to the west of the Red Lion pub, where we had a very welcome cold drink.
I may well try this walk in reverse soon, so that I can recce the bit I messed up.


Ida Jones said...

Interesting photos and love the idea of the teddy-bears' picnic!

aliqot said...

The trail and teddy bears for the children certainly added a little extra enjoyment to the walk.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Ha love the bit about the bears...lovely and green walk that.

aliqot said...

That part of the walk had plenty of shade too! We saw a lovely small orange butterfly, that I couldn't identify, and of course it flew away before I could grab a photo.