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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

East Haddon and Holdenby - clockwise

Monday 11 July 2017.  With Maureen and Norma. This is almost the same walk as last Thursday, but in reverse, and without the wander off track. 7.6 miles, in dry warm weather, with about 300 feet of climbing.

We took the footpath which leads north not far after the Red Lion pub, past the sewage farm and Rye Hill, then along the lane and across a field - the hay has been collected since we were last here, and the way is very clear. When we reach the hedge we turn left, and follow it. In the next field we go through a gap in the hedge and through a field of oats - not yet harvested, but surely ready!

We cross the footbridge and the corner of another field, then follow the hedge uphill to the road between Ravensthorpe and Teeton. Norma identifies our mystery fruit from Thursday as damsons. We turn right a walk for a few yards along the road, then take the bridleway to our right, just where the road bends to the left.  The bridleway goes downhill , with the hedge on the right, and we recross the stream via another footbridge.

Then it's across a field of ripening rapeseed ( quite hard work, but it's dry and the varieties are not as tall as they used to be), along another hedge, through some rapeseed, untill we reach the footpath above Holdenby North Lodge, home of some fine-looking horses. We turn left and follow the path alongside the farm, and the road to North Lodge cottages. The footpath turns right and heads across several fields, slightly uphill towards Holdenby. There are stiles and it's pretty well marked.
Approaching Holdenby

A posing sheep
 We cross the road and walk through Holdenby village - no teddy bears picnic this time. It's about time we had a break, so we head to the church once more, and its well-placed bench.
 We have another brief look inside the church - this screen was once in Holdenby Hall, and the cross was added later. 

 From here it's pretty straightforward. From the lane to the church we turn right and follow the Macmillan Way downhill, turning right and following the track to the junction, marked by a fingerpost to East Haddon, where we turn right again. We have come past the hill with trees on top, which lies on our right.  The path continues until the building marked on the map as Rowell Leyes is in sight, and then goes gently uphill and to the right of the building.

At the field edge just beyond this we turn right then left then left again (three sides of a small rectangle). Ignore the larger track leading past the building marked as The Conduit. There is a sign saying that the land is private, but it's half hidden in the hedge.
Then follow this path beside the fields and the village cricket ground, before turning right and reaching Main Street once more.
We headed over to Brixworth for a sandwich and coffee. 
Once again, lots of butterflies and damselflies, and also skylarks and a coupe of buzzards.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

that's another very pleasant day out!

Harry said...

I like the woodcarver's evil little doodle on the screen! Looks a nice walk.

aliqot said...

A good walk, apart from walking through crops! But nice and dry underfoot - and the church is interesting.

Ida Jones said...

Interesting photos from the church and another lovely walk.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida - there are always things I miss the first time I see a place!