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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Old, Mawsley

Monday 09 January 2017, 10 am.  With Maureen. Grey, drizzly - what a contrast to last Thursday!

An unpromising look to the weather, with drizzle and showers forecast, followed by heavier rain.
Warm though, and not a lot of wind. 
The pub and church clearly have a close relationship in Old.

This rural/agricultural area gets very muddy after a spell of wet weather, and the main downside was mud.  Yes, we've tackled worse, but when combined with grey skies and drizzle blurred views, it's not a lot of fun. When the rain showed no sign of stopping, we cut the walk short, and turned left along Mill Road, which took us back to Old. 

The church porch offered a space for us to have a hot drink and a scone, and a couple with the keys showed us the interior - including the kneelers embroidered as a millennium project, most of which include a letter hidden inside, telling the story of why each person chose their particular design, often in memory of a family member or friend.


Ida Jones said...

Love the spirits sign!

Interesting idea to tuck a letter into the kneelers.

Sounds like miserable weather though and no wonder you cut your walk short.

aliqot said...

I asked whether they had put the letters together in a book, but it may be that they are too personal in some cases - something for another generation to discover? There are newspaper articles on display.
We discover various interesting snippets on our walks.