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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Grafham Water anticlockwise.

Monday 23 January, 10.15 am , approx 9 miles.  With Maureen and Norma. Misty at start and some ice underfoot, but there was warmth in the sun when it appeared. 

We started from the main visitor centre and car park, and walked along the cycle track route to Grafham Village, past signs to the community shop and past the church. Church Lane is very quiet, and there are just a few houses, including one with dragons on the roof.

We simply followed the track round, by the water a bit, then through Savage's Spinney and on.  After walking for around four miles we had a break near Littless Wood.
Before long, the sun began to break through.

When we arrived at the visitor centre and cafe just before Perry, we decided it was time for lunch.  Lovely view out of the windows.

There was about a mile of walking beside the road, before we turned off along the track again, and then walked across the dam . . .

Flotillas of tufted ducks, bobbing and diving.
and back to the main car park. We thought we deserved a hot drink before driving back home.


Ida Jones said...

Looks and sounds good, Alison. I wonder what the story is behind the dragons on the roof of the pretty cottage.

aliqot said...

We were intrigued too. Lovely place for a walk.