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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Empingham and Normanton circular

With Marta, on a fine cold day, with little wind. 7 miles in all.
We parked in Empingham and walked down Crocket Lane beside the church, and through part of the village.
We parked in Empingham and walked down Crocket Lane beside the church, and through part of the village.

We went over a stile at the end of Willoughby Drive, and across a field, and a footbridge over the stream.
and turned right on to Mill Lane, for a short distance. After the first house the path turns right diagonally across a field, and then uphill along the edge of two large fields before reaching the A606.  We crossed this and continued along the path, still following field edges until we reached Ketton Road, where we turned sharply right and walked along the quiet road to the next junction. 
Here we turned left along Empingham Road past Normanton Cottages, which look as though they could once have been almshouses. There are lovely views of Rutland Water from this road.
We chose to have a coffee here, and had a chat to a local resident, who thought we were having problems. In fact, we were having a silly moment, trying to stand up from the ground without using our hands to help us - we were not successful!

The road leads to Whare Koa and Normanton Lodge farm, but our path continues south through fields with a wall on our right.
'ey up, what're they doing in our field?
At the next road we join the Rutland Round route and follow it to the Normanton car park on Rutland Water. 
From here we followed the reservoir track towards the dam, 

Fieldfares in evidence again today.
. . . and over it, then took the footpath to the right (still Rutland Round) down the fields and through the wood back to Empingham. 

Lunch at Wellies coffee shop rounded off the walk.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Yes, fieldfares seem to enjoy open pasture, you wouldn't find many redwing wanting to be that exposed. Still darn hard to get close to though, I've never had a shot at that kind of close range.

Ida Jones said...

Ah, the clarity a bright, winter's day can bring!

Enjoyed this breath of fresh air, Alison...ours came from icy blasts in a supermarket car park. :-/

aliqot said...

Simon, that photo was heavily cropped, but we have once or twice seen them closer. A couple of weeks ago one was sitting in a tree close by.

aliqot said...

We seem to be catching those bitter winds today, Ida.