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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Brigstock, Bocase farm

Another short walk from Brigstock. Just over 5 miles. With Gordon, Maureen, Tommy, Norma. Eddie and me.

A damp day, not really wet, and quite warm. Some of the route near the Bocase stone was pretty muddy, but otherwise easy walking on field paths.

We saw a few red kites, but no sign of Robin Hood's ghost. There are rumours he hid hid bow in the original Bocase tree. Bow - cache? But as a Nottinghamshire-born person, i can't accept that!

No sign of the rumoured black panther of Brigstock/ Rutland/ Northants either.

We had lunch at the Skylark cafe in Brigstock Country Park.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Red kites are allergic to Nottinghamshire, as are virtually all things of much interest. If there is a more boring county for landscapes I'd love to know.

aliqot said...

I'm afraid I think the best of it lies on the border with Debryshire!

Ida Jones said...

I like the use of the map in this record of your walk - also your thoughts on the origin of the Bocase tree!

aliqot said...

A dearth of photos on this one!!