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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Barrowden, Wakerley, Shotley, Harringworth

Monday 7th November, with Harry.  Seven and a half miles. fine cold morning, though there was some mud underfoot after yesterday's rain.

Pretty much as the walk a week ago.
There's still plenty of colour on Barrowden village green.

The leaves are falling now.

We walked past the old mill pond .  . .

across the field and under the disused railway . . .
through Wakerley with views of the lime kilns and Morcot windmill.
From the path above the Welland valley, the view of the viaduct and Harringworth is clearer today. We saw several red kites, a few buzzards and a couple of jays.

Back down in the valley, we walked through Shotley and Harringworth, and took the footpath just before the stables. We crossed Turtle Bridge and followed the footpath back to Barrowden.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Bloody red kites avoid Nottinghamshire like the plague! Never see them here, over the border in the Vale of Belvoir there's loads of them

aliqot said...

They were reintroduced here several years ago and are thriving. I can never catch them in a decent photo though!

Ida Jones said...

Well, I'm flying a kite of catch-up! Sorry it's been a while. I have enjoyed reading your posts for your last few walks towards the end of October and beginning of November. Super photos which bring your walks and the countryside alive for this reader. Thanks, Alison.

aliqot said...

Good to hear from you, ida! We've been pretty lucky with the weather recently, though there have been rainy days as well! Cold, too, but no problem when we're moving, so long as we find somewhere sheltered for a break!