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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Irthlingborough again

With Maureen and Norma. Just over five miles. A dull day with some fine drizzle. Just enough to keep putting waterproofs on, then taking them off again five minutes later. 

This time we walked down from the church to the railway track, turned along the river, as far as the sewage works, then back. 

We strolled round the Ring reservoir, with mits carved animals on stones, and had a snack stop at the corner, then made our way back to the main track. We turned left at the Greenway and back into the town for a coffee and sandwich at Cafe @25.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I just the rain would stay off so I can get an uninterrupted game of cricket for a change!

aliqot said...

Recent showers seem mighty heavy. Where is summer?