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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Irthlingborough Lakes and meadows

10.15 on Thursday 24 March.  A walk of just over 7 miles with Maureen. An exploratory walk from the Irthlingborough end of Stanwick Lakes. Dry, still not warm, and some drizzle toward the end.

This was basically a walk following our noses and the maps on site, with the help of phone apps to orientate ourselves. We parked near the old football ground, along with several other cars.  Our walking route went more or less south west (turning right at the old railway track, away from Stanwick Lakes and towards  Northampton. Irthlingborough was on our right, Higham Ferrers on our left, across the A45.

 The Nene was looking grey and uninviting.
 This is a footbridge carrying the Nene Way over the river.  The noisy A45 is close by as well.
 A couple of examples of stone "wildlife".
 We had a break, balancing on a log, and then found a bench a hundred yards further on.
Irthlingborough with its distinctive church.

There were quite a few grebes, swans, coots being noisy, Canada geese and some little birds in the trees.

We decided to add a couple of miles on at the end and called at the Visitor Centre for coffee and teacakes.

It began to drizzle, but no serious rain, though I had to use the screen wipers as we drove home.

Now I just need to decide on a route for the Gretton group.

Map and details


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Oh I love the stone birds! But you are right it is a horrible grey day, really univiting for being outside. It's about time spring started properly

aliqot said...

The few sunny days we've had have been wonderful. More, please!

Ida Jones said...

Grey here too - and wet. What happened to that lovely "March summer"!!

Love the footbridge photo.

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida. Today looks much sunnier, so far!

Linda said...

Lovely photos!

aliqot said...

Thank you, Linda!