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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fineshade Top Lodge

With Marta. No photos today, so this is just for the record - a six-mile walk around the still bleak woods - along paths where much tree-felling has taken place. We saw catkins and primroses, but the wind was still chill. A few kites and a couple of kestrels spotted, but this was very much a walk-for-walk's-sake, followed by a surprisingly decent lunch of beetroot and mint soup.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

and indeed, why not walk for the sake of walking, with something warm at the end of it.

aliqot said...

True enough! And I admit we were talking plenty too.

Roy Norris said...

Yes it does still look pretty bleak at the moment Alison.
Spring is supposed to be upon us shortly, but you wouldn't think so if you walk around Fineshade.

aliqot said...

Indeed, not very inspiring at all!