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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Great Oakley, Little Oakley, Newton, Geddington and back

Led by Gordon, followed by me. 9 miles on a fine sunny morning, with a noticeable wind chill. Not as muddy underfoot as I expected, considering all the rain last week.
From Levin Road , at the mini roundabout we turned right to go past the cricket club, following the path, eventually going under the railway line and the new A43. That bit is not the most scenic, but most of the walk is good!
We walked behind Little Oakley Church, then over field paths towards Newton.

Little Oakley church - my little camera was set on 'silly effects'.
We called in at the Dovecote farm shop and Buttery for a coffee/tea and teacakes, then did a loop around to Grange Road, and the field behind Geddington, down to Mill Farm, past the old dovecot and the Newton church field centre, where lambs are now in evidence.
Newton church/field centre, and some outdoor lambs.

Reign of James I and VI . . .
We closed the loop by retracing a few hundred yards from the Buttery, whose car park had filled up rapidly for lunch. We walked along a track until we joined another footpath heading down over several fields towards the A 43 again. The footpath is now diverted and adds a good half mile on to the original walk, but sometimes this has to be done.  We enter the Great Oakley Estate and take a footpath to the left. There are concrete paving stones through the field, leading gently downhill into Great Oakley. 
Inside the park of Great Oakley estate.
Finally a pleasant stroll through the parkland, and along Church Drive, takes us to Brooke road. We turned right and walked through the old village and back to Levin Road.

A lovely walk on a fine day. Thank you, Gordon.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

We don't have enough good cafes in the villages around Newark. It certainly adds to the enjoyment of a day.

aliqot said...

I always take a flask with me, but certainly cafes have the edge, especially when the weather's not warm.

Ida Jones said...

The "silly effects" you mention blacked out the blue sky or perhaps the dark clouds were there beforehand anyway?

Love the soft colours in the last photo.

aliqot said...

If I accidentally slide a button it does a selection of rather weird photos, and the b&w looked the least bizarre! The sun was out then believe it or not. Glad you like the last pic.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate this post. Will try it out.