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Monday, October 26, 2015

Gretton - Harringworth Lodge - Bulwick and back

Mon, 2015 Oct 26 9:13 AM GMT
With Gordon and Maureen. To Bulwick via Harringworth Lodge. Grey and a little chill at start, then beautiful sunshine. One ploughed field was very rough. Around 9 miles.

We follow the Jurassic Way north east out of Gretton, along the farm track, then through the corner of a field and over another pasture. At the next gate the field has recently been ploughed and, although not over wet, this was hard going.

 After that we simply followed the Jurassic Way out as far as Harringworth Lodge Lake with its trees looking fine and autumnal in the sunshine.

 At the end of the lake we turn right and follow the footpath east uphill, across another field, over the road and along the hedges for some distance. There's a short section heading south before we pick up east again. We join Red Lodge Road which takes us over the A43. A right turn leads towards Bulwick church, and we head for the Pickled Village tea shop for a coffee break. Warm enough to sit out in the sun!
 The return journey follows the same route although we did deviate at the end to avoid the ploughed nightmare.
Cyclamen in the hedge bottom

We saw a couple of red kites, loads of crows and gulls. 
Laxton church to our north

Autumn leaves are falling


Ida Jones said...

Super photos and you brought the sunshine to my day - foggy this morning and grey, low cloud for the rest of the day. I'm curious about the Pickled Village!

aliqot said...

So good to see the sun! As for the Pickled Village I'll put their link in the blog!

Ida Jones said...

Cheers, Alison - all looks very tasty!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Ah the elusive red kite again!

I hate ploughed fields, come across one when I'm running and it destroys the rest of the run, it takes so much out of your legs

aliqot said...

Yes, that surface is such hard work. If it's not sticky, it's a test of balance!