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Monday, August 3, 2015

Twyford, Ashby Folville, Thorpe Satchville, Burrough on the Hill

Mon, 2015 Aug 3 9:30 AM BST
With Maureen and Gordon. Fine dry weather, undulating terrain, good views. 8 miles or so.

We set off from the church in Twyford, taking the path at the end of Church Lane. We walk behind houses along a leafy path, with Jack-in-the-pulpit sitting in the hedge bottom. 

Then we cross the main road, B 6047, and take Ashby Road directly opposite. After a short distance we pass the bench honouring Tom Holland's hundred years in the village in 2005, and our footpath leaves on the left near this. As usual Leicestershire's yellow way marker posts are helpful, though there are plenty of stiles along this part of the walk.
We walk through a pasture with a pony and a sheep, who clearly has no fear of humans. A man nearby tells us to slap her on the nose if she causes any trouble. She doesn't.
The route with stiles takes us between fences and round a large house. All of the time we have Gaddesby Brook somewhere on our left.
After the house we cross three fields and walk under a line of electricity pylons. The path continues northwest over four fields, then meets the road into Ashby Folville. 
We look round the village, including the gravestone to Sarah Smalley, near the church door.
Here lies
Sarah Smalley
who was a faithful
servant to
William Smtih
of Barsby
who departed this life
December 6th 1859
aged 83 years.
The weary wheels of life
stood still at last.

She may have her reward in heaven, but her earthly life was surely hard work.
Pargeting on cottages in Ashby Folville.

Beams can be seen on the house near the church.
We go back past the white cottages, and pick up the footpath. It looks as though it goes through a private garden, but the yellow signs reassure us, and we boldly go on. We cross a field with a few cows and arrive at a cornfield. We miss the exact path, and make our way round the edge of the field. It has been walked before, but is quite overgrown with grass and goose grass.  No matter, we rejoin the path - unfortunately a lot of the yellow posts are not visible until we are on top of them. Clearly designed for people walking the other way round! 

The path led us downhill and under the disused railway bridge.
In the next field we could see no yellow post.  Our route was through a gate partly hidden by two fine horses.
From here it was way marked to Thorpe Satchville church. Four miles in, and time for a break.
Our path towards Burrough on the Hill began opposite Thorpe Satchville Garage, and went through a playground area, and a pasture with cows before hitting the dreaded golden oats, wheat and barley oh. Here paths were mostly ok, though not easy.
As we approached Burrough we looked back for fine views of the Charnwood Hills.

A short section of road, then we took a path on the left which soon joined a bridleway. Easy walking, and wide views made this very enjoyable. We took a footpath to the right which led us gently uphill. A pause for water and some oranges, then downhill into Twyford via Hollands Lane.
Thistle seed heads

Ah, it feels like summer again!


Ida Jones said...

And how clearly that feel of summer comes across! Lovely!

Harry said...

Nice selection of photos. A quietly scenic part of the world.

aliqot said...

A most enjoyable walk with a hint of hills beyond. Thank you Ida and Harry!