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Friday, August 21, 2015

Rockingham to Gretton and Sondes Arms

Thu, 2015 Aug 20 9:05 AM BST
With Maureen, Gordon, Barry and Harry. Wet grass, but not muddy. Cloudy and quite muggy. Lunch at Sondes Arms. On computer distance is given as 6.6 miles.

A short walk and a birthday meal for Gordon and Barry. 

Tiny jay feather

Ripening sloes

Away we go

A merry crew

She calls the cows home

All eaten up and ready to go


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

My mum loves sloe gin, but seeing as she has about 20 bottles of the stuff, there's no point picking any to steep!

aliqot said...

That often happens, doesn't it? And they are so sour that if you use them any other way, you need masses of sugar!
The blackberries are not really ripe yet round here either.

Roy Norris said...

Emphasis on the word "Merry" I think, looking at those glasses.?

aliqot said...

Ha ha! That was before . . . we drank the pub dry of lemonade! ;-)