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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Short stroll at Rutland Water

No more than three miles in all, mainly between Barnsdale and Whitwell car parks.

The woods were resplendent with bluebells a couple of weeks or so back - now there are just the ghosts.

There are other blue flowers

and pink (or should that be red?) campion

The roadside verges are  full of cow parsley at this time of year, complementing the may blossom on the trees.

Unfortunately Geoff Hamilton's drought garden is getting very overgrown.

A pity - it used to be a delightful quiet place to sit awhile.


Harry said...

The drought garden was a lovely spot to sit and relax. It's sad to see it so neglected. We must tackle Anglian Water about it.

aliqot said...

Must make some enquiries.

Ida Jones said...

Hope you have success with your enquiries re the drought garden - it still looks a lovely spot, if somewhat neglected. The photos of the wild flowers look good.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida. At one time it was quite a feature, but now even the way in is a bit hidden.