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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Brigstock - Deene - Kirby Hall - Gretton

Sat, 2015 May 30 9:52 AM BST
Part of Corby walking festival. An alternative part of Around Corby walk. Ten of us, led by Tommy Rodger. Several from Kettering Ramblers. Sunny and dry. Nine miles.

A motley crew
We gathered in Gretton and were transported to Brigstock to start the walk from the village hall. Back to the High Street, and then turning right up Old Dry Lane, which took us to the A6116. We crossed this and continued on old Dry Lane which becomes a bridleway through woodland, and eventually goes past Bocase Farm - the owner has provided the seat in the photo below, but it was too early in the walk for us today.

The Bocase boundary stone, and a seat provided for walkers
 From here we walked with Harry's Park Wood on our left, heading more or less north. We carried on at the corner of the wood, running right when we met a path junction, and very soon left to resume the northerly direction. The path took us to the A427 at Yoke Hill, and we crossed the road. 
Now we followed a path along the parish boundary, turning left and leaving the track on to the old airfield then following the path right and keeping the woodland of Weldon Park on our left. 

An unfortunate deer
This path led us past Lodge Farm and to the A43. We crossed this and walked along the drive to Priors Hall Golf Course for a shirt distance before taking a footpath off to the right through trees, over a field and through a small wood. Then it was across open fields towards Deene Hall magnificent in the distance.
Heading towards Deene Hall from the old airfield
Then it was time for a lunch break. It almost felt like summer.
We kept on the same path past the lakes as far as Home Farm, Deene, where we turned left and slightly uphill.
close to Deene Hall

At the point we turned left at Deene
We went past the woodland called the rookery, and through a slightly overgrown area, and a deer proof gate. Then across a large open field, and a smaller one, before turning to our right towards Kirby Lane, opposite the entrance to Kirby Hall. We walked down to the Hall, and took advantage of the open shop which sells tea and coffee.
It has to be Kirby Hall
From there we followed the public footpath through the gate by the shop, up the  hill to the gate and over the field diagonally downhill to the right to the cluster of four stiles. Then it was uphill to the gate leading on to the dusty track, and back to Gretton village hall.

Thanks to Tommy for a good leg-stretch!

Map and details


Ida Jones said...

Another good record of what sounds like a super day for you, Alison. Lovely photos of beautiful scenery, although shame about the deer.

aliqot said...

It was a very pleasant walk, some of it not as familiar to me as most paths in the area.

Nina said...

Beautiful clouds, love the water and the peacock. Shame about the deer.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Nina. the deer skeleton had to photgraphed, but I agree - big shame.