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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Illston circular via Rolleston, Gaulby, Kings Norton and Gartree road

This walk follows the same route as on 14 May, but is extended by about a mile.  Our first detour was to look at the Rolleston Estate's lake. Then later, from Kings Norton we took the path across the fields just downhill from the church. This took us to the Gartree Road track at the ford. We turned left and followed this back to the crossroads with Burton Overy Lane, and picked up the previous route past Illston Grange.

Leaving Illston

More campion
Rolleston Hall Lake

Billesdon Coplow

lemon and gold

Seat near Gaulby church

Kings Norton church

A fine sunny morning, with a coolish breeze. Just over 8 miles in all.

A profusion of wild flowers again.

Map and details


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

The oilseed rape is now past its best here, but the buttercups aren't! The cow parsley means there is as much white as yellow around at the moment.

Harry said...

Lovely walk on a lovely day. The chestnut trees were magnificent. Not only beautiful greenery but pink campions, buttercups.....even the rapeseed looked good!

aliqot said...

I'm not over keen on the oilseed rape, but the buttercups are wonderful. We have masses of cow parsley along the roadsides too.

aliqot said...

Harry, it was a delightful walk - I love this season.

Ida Jones said...

You've captured it all beautifully with your lovely photos.

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida - and wonderful to have sun too!

Roy Norris said...

I'm not keen on Oilseed Rape either Alison. Horrible pungent stuff.
Farmers are supposed to be using a less pungent type of seed now, but I'm not sure thats always the case.

aliqot said...

It may be, and some of it doesn't seem to grow quite as tall either.