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Monday, April 27, 2015

Lyddington Uppingham and back via Stoke Dry hill

Monday 27 April, 9.30 am. With Mel, Norma, Chris and Marion,  Chris, Sue, Jill, Tommy, Maureen, Steph, Terry, Liz, Phil and me. Dry, sunny, no real wind. Conditions underfoot very dry!  About 7 miles.

A sunny morning saw fourteen of us meet in Lyddington for this walk. We walked along the road to the footpath leading uphill via stiles and fields of sheep and lambs towards Uppingham Community college. 

The path goes across the playing field and downhill and up on a wooded path which emerges eventually at Uppingham market place - either via a back alley, or through the churchyard.
We stopped for coffee at the benches opposite the market place - there are a couple of cafes nearby which sell decent takeaway coffee.
We turned along High Street West,  past the school and Uppingham Theatre and some splendid floral displays, before joining Stockerston Road where a public footpath took us off to the right.  From this high viewpoint we had some wide views of rural Rutland.
A left turn with the hedge on our right took us past King's hill Lodge, and back on to the Stockerston Road. We turned left and walked for a hundred yards or so. Our footpath was on the right, and took us along the Rutland Round past Stoke Dry Wood emerging above the village of Stoke Dry at Manor Farm. The views over Eyebrow (! autocorrect?)  Eyebrook are excellent.

We turned left and walked to the A6003. We crossed this and took the footpath to the left, rather than the road down to Lyddington. The way was very straightforward, and soon the village was in sight.
Not long before we arrived back at the cars.


Ida Jones said...

Looks and sounds lovely, Alison.

aliqot said...

It was very agreeable, not too far, not too hilly, not tooflat . . .

Roy Norris said...

Obviously a nice day Lieutenant, you had the whole Platoon with you.{:))

aliqot said...

I was hust one of the followers today, Roy!

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Looks a beautiful day out! What's the very blossomy tree? I'm rubbish with trees.

aliqot said...

I think it's some kind of ornamental cherry, Simon, though I'm not entirely sure.