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Monday, December 2, 2013

Whissendine, Wymondham, Edmondthorpe, Teigh, Whissendine

Mon, 2013 Dec 2 9:41 AM GMT
Led by me, with Barry, Gordon and Maureen. Misty start, then cloudy. Some mud underfoot, but dry and not cold. 9.7 miles.

  We leave Whissendine by the path just uphill from the White Lion car park. It is not long before we meet our first stile of the day.  
 We keep the stream on our left, and head over the fields, one or two a little muddier than ideal, but we have known worse. 
We are hoping that the sun will burn its way through the mist, but the promise remains unfulfilled. 
We follow the clearly marked path over fields as far as Station Road, where we turn left and walk for around a mile, before turning right at a T-junction, and passing this des res, just before a railway crossing.
 The path goes off to the left directly after the level crossing and heads northwest slightly uphill over more arable land.

still misty
Unfortunately we don't see much of the view over towards Wymondham - maybe we'll revisit on a bright day.  We have to go downhill fairly steeply before joining a wider track which takes us to Wymondham with its fine church.
 We turn along a small back road just before the church, and follow it west, over a road and along until we almost meet another one. Here we turn right along a footpath and head south towards Edmonthorpe.  Part of the path is alongside a wall. Once we reach the road we turn left for a hundred yards or so, then follow the footpath which leads off to the right.  It crosses fields, passes the corner of a small wood, and then goes uphill to a field corner. We go through the gap in the hedge and turn very sharp right to join the Rutland Round path.  At the field boundary we turn left, and after some distance turn right again, alongside a disused canal.
 At this point the path bears right, diagonally across a field, and on to a track which leads to the Teigh Road.  Here we turn left.  We walk past the road to Whissendine, and take the next turn right into the village of Teigh, and to the church.  Opposite the church we find the path and follow it easily with its markers until we reach a long narrow bridge.

After the bridge we should go diagonally right, but use the field edges to avoid mud. The path takes us to a bridleway, and we very soon cross the railway line once more.  The bridleway continues for about a mile and a half, meeting the road into Whissendine at the top of a steepish slope. Here we turn left and in a couple of hundred yards take the footpath to our right. this goes diagonally across a field, and over a stile just after the church.  
We turn right when we reach the road and follow it downhill to our starting point.

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