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Monday, December 16, 2013

Glapthorn circular via Southwick

Thu, 2013 Dec 12 9:32 AM GMT
Led by Barry, with me and Gordon. Fine weather with mist and cloud. Some mud. Good views. Just under 9.5 miles.

We start from a footpath near Glapthorn primary school. This takes us northwest towards Short Wood, but we turn left just before this. We follow the path through fields of bamboo and then through a gate and across pasture.
When we meet the farm track with Glapthorn Cow Pasture ( a woodland area) just beyond, we turn to our right and head northwest again past Provost Lodge.  The path goes between two buildings, and through a gate.  Then it's downhill to cross a muddy section - sometimes a stream.

Up the hill and across a couple of fields, then we turn left, and keep the hedge on our right until we reach the derelict Tottenhoe Lodge.  Another right turn and we head north, down the hill to the road between Bulwick and Southwick.  We cross this, pass Crossway Hand Farm, and continue for about a mile with the wood on our right.  Eventually we enter the trees and take a turn to our left.
We soon meet a T-junction of brdileways - we take the right hand turn here, through Holey Brookes wood, and towards Morehay Lawn. At this point we're headin north east. We keep Morehay Lawn wood on our left, and at the corner of Tomlin Wood we turn right (south east).  This takes us near to Lodge Farm, where the route of the bridelweay has been diverted from the OS map route.  It now goes round the north side of the lake, rejoining the original route near Cheeseman's Lodge.  This is all well-marked on the ground.
Lake near Lodge Farm

We follow the track more or less south until we reach the woodland.  Here we turn left along the edge of the trees for a short distance before turning right ( and pretty well south again) into the wood.
Recent wind damage?
After about half a mile we come out at a corner and follow the wood edge south, then west, then south again.
Another des. res?
There's a fine new bench here, and on a fine day the water tower between Southwick and Glapthorn is a good landmark.
See the water tower?
 Keep this directly ahead and the path through a field takes us directly to Southwick, over the brook, and past Henrietta, coming out near the church.
Southwick church

We cross the road, and walk up the hill past the water tower, then take the footpath to our right near the layby.  This path skirts the southern edge of Short Wood, and when we reach the point where the wood edge turns to the north, we take the path a little further on.  It turns right, and we rejoin the path leading to Glapthorn School, where we started.

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