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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Uffington Casewick Barholm Greatford

Thu, 2013 Dec 5 9:36 AM GMT

Led by Barry, with me Gordon and Maureen. Reverse of a previous walk. Weather very windy, and for the last mile or so a downpour. Good underfoot. Just over 9 miles. New problem with footpath crossing of mainline railway.
We left Uffington on Casewick Lane, and followed the footpath along the main driveway with a winter view of the hall.

Casewick Hall



Happy Christmas
 The railway crossing appears to have been closed. Memo to self - contact Lincs CC.
Can they just do this?
 After the railway we walked over fields to Barholm, where we paused at the church.
Lantern in the porch of Barholm church
 The path beside the church takes us directly to Greatford, crossing a dyke/canal/cut on the way.

The ducks make a quick getaway

There are a lot of odd stone structures

 Greatford Church was open - well worth a look.
Memorial to Francis Willis, MD, who treated George III.  Greatford Church
 We walk through Waterside Gardens and turn right along a narrow path between fences, then alongside woodland.
We were pleased to reach the end of this section in the high winds.

Just possible to see the herd of deer
The path takes us through Shillingthorpe Park, and over the River West Glen.  Then we have a mile or so of road walking, and another crossing of the railway, before a left turn at the road junction.
 Then it's turn right along a bridleway, with trees each side - quite muddy, but very clear. At the end of it I turn round and see a dramatic rainbow.
Up to now we had stayed dry - but a rainbow tends to mean - rain.
 From here we take the path to our left, behind a farm and alongside fields and back into Uffington.
poplars in the wind

Ah - 'twas just a clearing up shower!

A wet last mile!

Map and details

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Roy Norris said...

Like the Rainbow shot Alison.
That is a good number of Fallow in that herd, quite unusual.