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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Tue, 2013 Nov 19 12:36 PM GMT
With Harry. Fine cold day, we walked about 5 miles.

Lots of swans and tufted ducks

This tree has declared winter

Turkey oak?

Trees like wind-blown hair

From the bridge

More swans and other waterfowl 

We also saw cormorants, geese, an egret, and at least one lapwing.


Harry said...

A grand walk in glorious autumnal weather. The colours lifted the spirit!

Unknown said...

Hi Ali,really love your blog, I live in Northants and so a lot of these are local to me. I hae been searching for places to go with my camera and my search keeps bringing me to your lovely photos here. Can you confirm that you are allowed to walk around eyebrook as someone told me it might be private. Also was thinking about cransley and Thorpe Malsor? I love water and sunsets and love finding new places to go. Thanks for your time.

aliqot said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks for reading and leaving your comment. The access to Eyebrook is set out here:
though I have never been challenged, and have seen quite a few people with dogs. There is a public road round quite a large part of Eyebrook, usually pretty quiet, except some weekends.
I have walked public footpaths near Cransley and Thorpe Malsor - see my post from 27 Sep 2012
Hope this is of use,