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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cycling from Lyndhurst to Brockenhurst

Wed, 2013 Nov 13 10:03 AM GMT
With Harry. Lovely ride through fairly quiet roads. Had a coffee in Brock and Bruin with Esther, then returned via forest tracks - some excessively muddy. Beautiful day, though chilly. 17 miles.

This is probably the best weather of the week - it reminds us of our first visit to the area, crisply cold with hoar frost on the grass, and bright sunshine, with mist rising from any water.
 We take the bikes from Lyndhurst through Pike Hill, and Emery Down, then up to Bolderwood, with a fairly steep section to test the legs. 

From  the car park we turn left and roll down the Bolderwood Ornamental  Drive, with lovely sun and autumn leaf effects.
  Next we cross the A35, and the road becomes the Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, passes the tall trees, the Knightwood Oak, and the Arboretum before reaching Whitemoor heath and arriving at Brockenhurst.

Esther has come to meet us with Hazel in the buggy, and we walk across the bridge over the (dry) ford, and head for the Brock and Bruin tearoom.  Scones and caffeine oil the wheels - of the brain if not the bike.

We return via Balmer Lawn and the gravel tracks, but take a wrong turning, at either the 13 or 14 mile point, and end up in some sticky mud. We extricate ourselves and go back to the A337 main road for the final mile into Lyndhurst, and a much-needed shower for ourselves and the bikes - and my shoes. I guess I'm lucky not to have lost one of them for good.

I'll pinch a few of Harry's photos, since I didn't take my camera!

Map and details here


Roy Norris said...

I see you are operating from Daughter's Base.
Lovely part of the country. From the forecast you appear to be having the sunnier if cold weather down there.

aliqot said...

Hi Roy,
The weather down there was similar to here at home - very misxed! The area is a delight when it's bright!