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Monday, July 22, 2013

Illston circular - Kings Norton, Little Stretton, Burton Overy, Carlton Curlieu

Mon, 2013 Jul 22 9:36 AM British Summer Time
Led by me, with Gordon, Barry and Maureen, Cloudy at start, then v hot. Dry underfoot. Eight and three quarter miles.

Mostly the same as two recent walks done on Thursday 18 July, and Thursday 11 July, but this time anticlockwise, and with a short extra loop.

We take the right hand path after the small field in Illston, hugging the hedge, then through the wheat and behind Illston Grange, over the pasture, with a small stand of trees on our right and the house on our left.  When we leave the field at the crossroads,  we turn right and walk a short distance along the road before taking the byway to Kings Norton. 

The views of the church from this path are magnificent, and Gaulby Church is visible as well.  The byway goes in a straight line to the road, and then uphill to the church and the village.

 At the road junction we ignore the road to the right and carry straight on. The footpath goes to the left past a farm, and through the farmyard.  We follow the way marks over a couple of fields and across a bridge through the hedge to a road, where we turn left, and just after the junction to Little Stretton, we pick up the path at a farm gate, near some large agricultural buildings. 

There are a fair number of butterflies on the wing, and around the thistles.
Hmm - just closed its wings!

Over a few more fields, and the odd stile, and we arrive at Little Stretton.  As last Thursday, the church porch is a pleasantly cool place to sit for a while.

We follow the path, past the old Manor House and the pond, along the avenue of trees to the road. We turn right and find our path just after the junction towards Stoughton. We turn left and walk along the edge of a field of wheat. At the far end a quick read of the map sets us on the right route and we follow the path past The Cottage, across the road and over pastures towards Burton Overy.  The pub appears to be closed today.  

I offer two alternative routes - one of about 2 miles, one of 3. Barry says decisively, "Oh, I think the longer one!"  Suits the rest of us, so we walk uphill from the village on the Carlton Curlieu road. When the road turns to the left we continue through a farmyard and fields directly to Carlton Curlieu - we can see the church on the hill ahead.

This village has a tempting bench so we take another rest - Maureen and I almost have a nap. But we must onwards.  From the Illston Road theres a bridleway to the left, which swings right between two hedges as far as Carlton Curlieu Manor.
Gordon strides ahead
Here's Maureen, with Barry as lanterne rouge.

Ha! caught this one just before it closed its wings!

Across the road the path takes us below the Manor, beside the hedge, then uphill and through a large wheat field. We reach Illston before too long - quite pleased to get away from the heat.

Map and details

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