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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lyveden circular

Mon, 2013 Jun 3 9:32 AM Western European Time 
Led by Barry. With Norma, Maureen, Gordon, Chris and Marion, Chris and me. A few gentle slopes, good underfoot apart from some mud in the woods. Sunny warm, with a cool wind. 8. 5 miles. (or 6 for shorter route).

 We set off from the layby near Lyveden New Build on the road between the A6116 and the A427.  The path goes across the fields on the north side of the road. The oilseed rape is in full flower, but nothing like as high as usual.

We go through Banshaw Wood and arrive at the minor road in Lower Benefield. For the next three quarters of a mile the path is a tarmac strip leading all the way to Upper Benefield. A herd of young dark-coloured cows - they looked lively but took no interest in us.   In the churchyard is the  only example I have seen of a priest's gravestone facing those of his congregation. Norma pointed this out, or I wouldn't have spotted it.
Church of St Mary, Lr Benefield

 We turn left along the road for a short distance, passing a footpath which goes off to the right. Our route lies to the left, and we're walking southwest.

 A footbridge leads us over a stream and we break for a snack in warm sunshine. To be sociable we sit with our legs uphill, next time I'll turn round!  We cross the stream again - a short leap over the mud this time.  The route southwest hugs the edge of Spring Wood and Cockendale Wood.  At the end we turn to go south east towards a minor road.  Right then left takes us to the next section of path and we walk up past Lyveden Airfield, now Welland Gliding Club.
There's a memorial for a Lancaster bomber crew as we reach the next road. Here, we have a choice. Some people decide that six miles is enough, and they turn left and walk back to the cars. Five of choose to extend the walk through Fermyn Woods.

The path is a little soggy, but we follow it and emerge on the track leading to Assarts Coppice. There's a left turn where Lyveden New Bield is clearly visible.  The path leads east, with Lady Wood on our right hand side. There's a convenient set of picnic tables just inside the wood. Someone has left dry bread on one of the tables - it looks unappetising to us, and the birds don't seem interested either.

From here the path follows field edges to Lyveden New Bield car park. We walk down the long driveway back to the cars.  Four of us go back and visit the building and its Elizabethan Gardens. Audio Tour recommended.  I'll post up a few details about this later.
Looking back to the beginning of the walk.
Wildlife - No deer, though there often are in Banhams wood - kites, martins, a chaffinch or possibly bullfinch (on a phone wire, below, not very good pic), crows.


Roy Norris said...

Lovely weather at last.
The bullfinch is a male chaffinch Alison.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy! I thought it probably was, but it wasn't close enough for me to be sure, and the pic is barely decipherable either! I haven't seen many bullfinches.

Roy Norris said...

Research informs that
207 Squadron lost 154 Lancasters during WWII.

aliqot said...

Thanks for the link and the info. The RAF and USAF lost an awful lot of men.