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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mawsley, Old, Walgrave, Mawsley

Thu, 2013 Mar 21 9:30 AM Western European Time 
Led by Barry, with me, Gordon and Eddie. Very cold wind, but fine and some sun. Muddy underfoot. Plenty of benches in Walgrave for a snack break.  8 miles.

We started from Mawsley Village, turned right and walked for a short distance along the road, before taking a footpath to the left through the mud of Old Poor's Gorse.  We tackled two muddy fields, and arrived at a grassy track, which we followed southwest as far as the village of Old.
Arriving in Old
though the sign says "Wold"

and the pub's for sale
We walked through the village,  and turned left at the pub, then right along Bridle Road. The footpath goes off to the left, over a stile, or through a gate - see below.
"You shall climb the stile" Barry is forced to follow the keep-fit regime.

A sight too common - but the boots held up
a walk of many signs . . .
. . . and the odd portent

We shall Die all
Hours fly. Flowers die.
New days. Old ways. Pass by.
Love stays.

They have plenty of grass and hay, but take some convincing that we do not come bearing gifts.

(More later)
Map and details

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