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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pitsford Water clockwise

Tue, 2013 Mar 26 10:06 AM Western European Time 
With Marta. Very cold wind again, but dry and occasionally almost bright.  Just under 7 miles.

 We hit a cracking pace during the first part in order to keep warm. All the same we found a spot that was sheltered enough for a 20 minute coffee break. The trick is to avoid the exposed wooden seats, and go to ground level behind hedges or woodland. Those lightweight mats are worth their weight in  - coffee.

We saw plenty of birds today - Canada geese, coots, tufted ducks, mallards, great crested grebe, swans, pink-footed geese, a kestrel, possibly a fieldfare.
This was the snowiest part of the walk - most of the path was clear

Tufted ducks

This looks a strange landing posture

Just brrr!

Not many pics - too busy walking fast to keep warm.

Map and details


Roy Norris said...

Lots of bird sightings Alison.
Its good in the sun and out of the wind , but not the other way around.

On your question on my blog post, yes 1947.
You couldn't have been around that year.

aliqot said...

haha! Of course not - well, not until April!

Roy Norris said...

Early March for me. So your just a young'un. {:))

aliqot said...

Happy Birthday - it was a great vintage that year ;-)