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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Warmington circular

With Barry, Eddie and Maureen.  8 miles. It stayed fine, though some of the ground was muddy. Rain began on the drive home.

We took a footpath opposite the small cemetery in Warmington, heading north and then east, 
following field boundaries to begin with, then crossing a couple of fields to meet the road near Davey's Lodge. We turned left and after a longish half mile we turned right ( south-east) behind America Farm,  and past some more farm buildings. We crossed another footpath and  worked our way round the paths and footbridges marked Cold Harbour on the map, to head southwest, towards Lodge Farm. The building has a large kitchen garden, and some outbuildings.  The route continues along a rough road towards and past Papley Cottages to the remains of a moat and the site of Papley medieval village. 
Pond at site of medieval village of Papley
The sun came out as we had our coffee break.
Maureen and the  blasted willow
We retraced our steps to the point where a path went off to the left (northwest). After a couple of fields another path crossed ours and we turned left [though we missed it at first and had to turn back!].
Hope they can read.

This path headed south west and emerged on to the road by a small wood. 
We followed the road to the right past Toll Bar Gate, where it swings left and later right by Miriam's Cover.  At the end of the wood there is a crossroads - we went straight over and after a few hundred yards, just past a large farm (Tansor Wold Farm) the path went off to the right.
At this point there was quite a trek through rape fields, and some grass fields.
Warmington was in sight when we got through the gap

The last lap.
And back to Warmington.

Map and details

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