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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sutton - Ailsworth - Ferry Meadows

Open bell-tower at Sutton

If you can't live in a castle . . .

'Antique' way marks

Thorpe Lodge - beautiful, but there's a lot of traffic noise!
Gunwade (?) Ferry Bridge
Footbridge near Castor Mills
Castor Watermill

Nene Valley Railway
Water Newton Weir

Towards Wansford Station 
Close to the Nene we saw a green woodpecker - it flew up from the ground showing off its yellow rump, calling as it flew in typical green woodpecker fashion.

This walk covers some of the ground I walked on September 23 2011

Map and details


Roy said...

Hi Alison, you had some great weather for that walk. The Ferry bridge is actually named Milton Ferry Bridge I think. Gunwade is the largest of the three lakes on FM.

aliqot said...

Gunwade's the one with the water sports, is it? Thanks for the info. We were lucky with the weather on Thursday, though we wimped out on Monday when it rained most of the day.

Roy said...

Yes Alison thats Gunwade. I have been down South so not visited Ferry Meadows for a while.