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Monday, June 18, 2012

Elton circular via Nassington

We left Elton from River End, past the disused watermill (dangerous building, keep out), over the lock and footbridge , and followed the river for almost a mile, past a footbridge, and on until the path turned left (north-west) across several fields. Conditions were a little damp - mainly from long wet grass near the river, and sticky mud over the fields. 

We reached the road at Nassington, and were pleased to pause even though we had walked little more than two miles.

A quick change of plan to avoid too much mud and long grass was called for, and we decided on an alternative route. Our way through the village took us through the churchyard. The church porch offered tempting seats for a snack break. 

We were able to have a look inside.

Nassington church from Woodnewton Road
Then we walked out of the village on the Woodnewton Road, which climbed to Newton Hill before reaching a bridleway at a right-hand bend.  
Onwards and upwards in sunshine
We turned left along the bridleway, which was a bit soggy in places, but passable.  The track joins the Nene Way. We followed this for a hundred yards or so, before taking a left turn through a strip of woodland and across more fields.
Barry leads us into the woods
The path continued over fields - not so slippery as the previous ones, though a trifle sticky.
We could see Fotheringhay church over to our right.
Distinctive but very distant
The path took us past Park Lodge, across a minor road between Nassington and Fotheringhay, then on and by a dismantled railway. Looking at the map this was where we had to avoid a very large 'puddle'!  On we went until we reached the footbridge we crossed earlier.  We were almost back to Elton.

Plenty of water in the Nene, and clouds looming 
Then back past the lock and the watermill, to the car.

Map and details

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