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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fineshade Woods

We wimped out of the long drive to Daventry today, and ended up walking about 3 miles in a wet, but not too muddy wander around the woods.  A coffee to kick-start us, half an hour or so in the bird-hide, watching woodpeckers and lots of tits - blue, great, coal and (?) marsh - or willow.
No camera today - I opted for the freedom to carry nothing on my back or round my neck - so this photo of a woodpecker magnet will have to do.

Lunch at the cafe, and a browse aroung the RSPB shop - only to discover that it's closing on January 29th.
Not good news.


Roy said...

Probably Marsh Tits Alison. Yes RSPB going means paying for car parking in the future.{:((

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy - I read somewhere recently that willow tits have declined in numbers. And I hadn't thought about the parking fee. :-(