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Monday, June 20, 2011

Whitwell - Sykes Lane - Empingham - Horn Mill - Fort Henry - Exton - Whitwell

Mel, Norma, Ian P, Barry O, Gordon, Maureen, Jill, and me.   8.6 miles (ish) Sunny, warm, dry underfoot. 

From Whitwell - Sykes Lane - footpath across side of dam to Empingham - through village, past pub, turn left - take second footpath (with seat!)
over fields to Horn Mill trout hatchery - alongside spinney etc to Fort Henry Lake - turn left follow road alongside Tunneley Wood, turn left along Viking Way, take footpath before cemetery, into Exton via Dairy Lane, turn left along Stamford Rd. Cross road at T-junction and follow signed footpath through several fields, emerge at Noel Arms, Whitwell.    There we found this magnificent commemorative plaque:

We braved the main road crossing and walked along Church Lane etc to car park.
Lunch at Harbour Cafe Whitwell.

Link to map etc

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