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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gumley - Smeeton Westerby - Kibworth Beauchamp - Foxton - Gumley

Thursday 9 June 2011. Barry and Eddie. Just over 8 miles.  About 3 and a half hours. One of the more hilly walks in the area, and some good views.  Not much arable field walking.

The Tower House Gumley - it used to be the stable block for the Hall.

St Helen's Church, Gumley.

Up above Gumley. Saddington reservoir is somewhere in the valley.
Fine views and splendid colours - the poppies have been magnificent this month.

The intrepid explorers (explorers are always intrepid)
As we walked downhill we noticed a raised ridge, clearly artificial, carrying water. At first it could almost have been a moat, although it didn't surround the hill, but continued flowing very slowly. So we had to investigate, and follow its course uphill and to the right of our official path. Eventually we found the spot where it joined the Grand Union Canal. 

A little nearer to our route was the outlet for excess water, into a stream flowing through this culvert.
and where any excess water drains off.

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