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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Walk from Deerleap car park, New Forest

Sunday 26 June 2011, almost five and a half miles.

A hot day, and fierce sun. I needed to stretch the legs, but had to seek shade.  This walk starts from the car park and follows the track downhill towards the railway line.  I crossed the bridge, but then retraced my footsteps to go into the wooded area where I followed a woodland track which pretty well skirted the area.

On the way back two pony carriages were coming over the bridge, and I saw and heard several trains.  It was one of those walks where taking photos became as much fun as walking.  Foxgloves en masse, mainly pink but a few white ones and the light through the ferns. 

 Then I caught sight of a white admiral on the bramble flowers, and some orange butterflies I hadn't noticed anywhere before, but later identified as silver-washed fritillaries. 

The butterflies are very obvious in flight, but my skill is not developed enough to capture that.

Deerleap, for details and map click link:   26 June 2011

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