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Friday, February 4, 2022

Gretton to Lyddington and back

 Friday 4th February 2022. With Marta. Just over 6 miles.

The early morning weather was wet, so we delayed the start of the walk, hoping that conditions would improve, and they certainly did. 

We braved the track from Church Gap across the railway and downhill over the muddy fields..

The path across the valley and over the Welland itself was far less challenging. We took the small road close to Thorpe by Water, with its double hill and arrived in Lyddington.

The White Hart served us a morning coffee which we drank at a sheltered table in the sun.

We walked back via the Bede House (not yet open)

and the church (open and welcoming)

, before following the road back to Gretton. 

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