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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Local walk - October 11 - Gretton, Thorpe by Water, Seaton, Bisbrooke, Uppingham, Lyddington.

 Sunday 11 October . Around 13 miles. Almost 700 feet of up and down. Good weather too.

Following the public footpath beside the church and over the railway line, then down to the valley.

Past the trees where we heard cuckoos in the summer.
Over the footbridge to Thorpe by Water
Along the road and turning up to Seaton with a glimpse of the viaduct over the hedge.
From Seaton to Bisbrooke and on to Uppingham. From Uppingham we took the B664 towards Stockerston, turning off along a bridleway to the left to walk past Stoke Dry Wood. This is part of the Rutland Round path. We found a suitable vantage point for our lunch, overlooking Eyebrook reservoir.

The wall was not bad as a seat.  The path brings us out close to the top of the hill from Stoke Dry. We crossed the A47 and walked down the quiet road into Lyddington, with a view of the church.
Finally we walked back to Gretton via Lyddington and Middle Bridge over the Welland.


Roy Norris said...

Back on home territory Alison.
It is beginning to look like Winter with not much happening in nature.

aliqot said...

Thanks, Roy. Approaching winter has brought flocks of fieldfares to nearby countryside. Not close enough to snap them though. Lovely to hear from you.