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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A week in Scotland mid-September 5 - cycling in the Pentland Hills

 Friday 18 September

We set off fairly early to Pentland Hills Park at Flotterstone Inn.  The car park was pretty full, this is quite close to Edinburgh.  The maps below show the early section of our route - I'd forgotten to switch recording on! I calculate the distance to be almost 3 miles...

We thought we'd have a pleasantly relaxing pootle/bimble...and so it proved early on along a smooth track, as far as Loganlee Reservoir, where we stopped for a coffee. 

Shortly after this the paths became  more rugged than we expected, and I walked some of the stonier sections. Definitely mountain bike territory in places. 


Lovely heather and foxglove colours, on a bright day!

The bikes coped pretty well - as we did.  We climbed around 780 feet in all.  The section from The Howe to Bavelaw was hard work.  We crossed the bridge at the south western end of Threipmuir Reservoir, cycled along side this and Harlaw Reservoir and found a pleasant spot for a well-earned picnic lunch.

The route from here was still pretty rugged in places. 
Yes, that was me....

Harry as we rejoined the gentler path at the end of the ride.
We had excellent views and weather, but  even at a short 12 miles, this was a much tougher ride than we originally planned. 
We were back at the car by around 3 pm, after a pause by Glencorse Reservoir on the way down.

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