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Monday, April 8, 2019

Gretton to Kirby Hall

Monday 08 April, with Marion, Eddie and Freddie (aged 8). Just over 5 miles. Weather didn't look promising, grey with a nip in the wind, but we soon warmed up, and then the sun emerged. Lots of flowers in the fields, daisies, dandelions and celandines. 

Our route took us from the village hall, along the dusty track to Kirby Hall. The rooks were noisily going about their lives.
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed...
When we reached the road, we took the path directly opposite the drive to the Hall, through the heavy spring-loaded deerproof gate, and downhill, where we turned right and made towards Fort Knox, or the high security data centre.  More bird song, a little more tuneful than the rooks.
The path skirts the fortified building, close to the road.  We had a very short break when we met the road, then turned right, along the verge for about a hundred yards before turning right again, through a gate warning of bulls in nearby fields.
We were a little distracted by this tipped rubbish
The track led onward and upward 

and look who reached the top first:
By now we know our way back across the fields quite well, and the route was easy.
Back to the village and a stop at Lydia's cafe completed the walk. I had a chance to practise my rudimentary (rude?) Welsh, and we made the acquaintance of two women from Holland. 


Ida Jones said...

Freddy did well !

I just do not understand the mindset of those who choose to spoil countryside views - litter is bad enough but dumping rubbish like that in your photo really takes the biscuit.

Roy Norris said...

Ah! a new recruit to your Expeditionary Force Alison.
Do some of the existing members need replacing. :))

aliqot said...

School holidays, of course. And the existing members are doing fine, though previous ones have indeed dropped out, and need replacing!,

aliqot said...

Thanks, Ida. The tipped stuff is on private land, so the ouncil can't remove it.
On a more positive note, Freddie is a great walker, and I was delighted to have him with us.