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Friday, June 1, 2018

8th May - Carradale Bay, and the Point

On Tuesday May 8th the weather was not looking inviting. The view from the cottage conservatory was limited by cloud and mist.

By early afternoon it was lifting and we thought a stroll down to the bay and round to Carradale Point was in order. 
We walked a little way along the road in the direction of the main road, and took the track leading down to Port-Righ and the Bay. We turned right away from the Port-Righ path and walked across the wide sandy beach.

The sky was showing more blue by now, as we walked as far as the creek at Waterfoot.
We retraced our steps back along the shoreline, and at the far end turned right along the path towards Carradale Point. There are the remains of a vitrified fort here, though we saw no evidence.

Photographer at work

Ailsa Craig on the horizon, just visible
This short stretch was a bit rough in places, but the views and surroundings were worth the effort. Loads of wild flowers again.

We rounded off the day with an ice cream from a local hotel.

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