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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Grafham Water anti-clockwise.

Monday 23 April. With Marion, Maureen, Kate and Eddie.  Weather dry but with a chilly wind. Summer has taken a break! 9 miles in all.

We set off towards Grafham village, following the cycle route rather than the footpath closer to the water. As we reached the village it felt a little like herding cats, as Eddie went in one direction to see if he could see the community shop, while I waited for the other three to catch up. Luckily, they are more amenable than cats, and ther are not many places to get lost on the way round.

We continued past the church, then took the road past the caravan site and the cottages called Orchard row, and walked round as far as the spinney and up the small incline, before having a short break. This was at about three miles into the walk.

As we walked round the next section bluebells were in evidence - they've come out since our last visit two weeks ago, though without sunlight they don't look too spectacular on the photo.

The cafe was an excuse for a second stop and hot drinks all round at the six mile mark, then it was just a matter of the walk through part of Perry, and across the dam back to the visitor centre and the car park.

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