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Monday, December 4, 2017


The same route as last Thursday. Seven miles and a whisker. With Maureen, Norma, Marion and Eddie.  The morning began frosty and misty, but was clearing as we left Lyddington

Little wind today, so we warmed up in spite of the lingering mist as we climbed to Seaton and on to the fields beyond.
Coming through the mist

 The mist was burning off by the time we were almost at Bisbrooke church.
 I nipped through the graveyard to catch the church's sunny side.
 A small disappointment at Uppingham, when the Coppergate Cafe was unexpectedly closed, but we bought takeaway drinks or drank our own. Uppingham has a few benches.

Down through the churchyard with its steep steps, then along the road to pick up the footapth.
Not an inviting seat!
The black pigs were not sunbathing today - indeed we saw just one. The goats and donkeys and the hairy pigs were out, and then a horse and a pig who seemed to be very happy together, and very happy to have their heads scratched or stroked.

 Up to the school playing fields where some teenage girls were practising football - and enjoying it! Then down the hill and back to Lyddington.  The route was a little muddier today - the price of the temperature being higher.


Ida Jones said...

The photos with the mist hovering above the ground are very atmospheric. Looks as if it turned into a lovely day. The horse and pig are very cute!

aliqot said...

I had to try to capture the mist! Lovely to see the sun after a greyish weekend. We were quite taken with the animals, too.